3 Major Ways Skin Ages and How to Reverse These Effects

By: Amir Karam MD

When we are young, firm, luminous, and healthy skin isn’t something we always think about–it happens naturally for many people. As we get older, changes appear in our skin. The aging process impacts our skin in a range of different ways. The three major ways our skin ages have to do with volume loss, skin sagging, and differences in tone, color and texture. I explain this in my ig video about skin aging.


1. Changes related to the overall tone, texture and color of the skin

You will see a radiance replaced with dullness and dryness. The texture becomes rough or uneven instead of smooth and regular. Pigmentation appears as darker spots on the skin, resulting in an uneven skin color.

2. Loss of volume

Underlying fat pads of the skin and face begin to diminish and reduce with age. You see hollows appear, and the face begins to deflate and get thinner and longer as time goes on.

3. Skin sagging

As the skin begins to sag, you start to see a descending appearance in the corners of the eyebrows, the midface begins to move downward, and the nasolabial fold deepens. You will see jowls, heaviness in the neck, heaviness of the eyelids, and the elongation of the lip.

How can we reverse the effects of the aging process on our skin?

Changes to the skin are caused by differences that come with age. The aging process causes a loss of collagen, a buildup of dead skin and a lack of proper balance of oil and hydration. These factors can be addressed with the right cosmetic treatments and effective skincare products. 

Having microneedling, laser treatments, chemical peels, and similar treatments from time to time keep the skin in good condition. Surgical treatments such as a facelift or other procedures help reverse the elongating of the face.

However, regardless of procedures or treatments, it is vital to address your skin. Your skin needs proper, essential ingredients to be firm, youthful-looking, bright and healthy. The most effective way to reverse the effects of aging skin is to use essential, active, and potent ingredients on your skin as a part of a daily routine. 

Fight back against the signs of aging with the TRIFECTA

To help patients achieve hydrated, balanced, supple skin, I created the TRIFECTA, a three-step skincare routine designed for easy, daily use. The TRIFECTA consists of RINSE, QUENCH, & ILLUMINATE.


A hydrating cleanser that softens the skin and prevents UV damage. RINSE also boosts cell regeneration while preparing the skin for deep absorption of the active ingredients of QUENCH and ILLUMINATE. RINSE is used both morning and evening to refresh and cleanse the skin.


A brightening vitamin C serum that fights inflammation, refreshes the skin, helps prevents collagen breakdown,  and minimizes fine lines. QUENCH is used twice a day.


A powerful all-in-one anti-aging cream that improves skin elasticity, boosts cell turnover, triggers collagen production, and deeply hydrates the skin. ILLUMINATE can also be used alone aside from the other products in the TRIFECTA. Apply both morning and evening to the face, eyes, neck, and dé·colle·té.

Exfoliate and refresh your skin with POLISH

POLISH is not for daily use, rather 2-3 times a week. It is a gentle yet powerful exfoliator that gently buffs away the top layer of dead skin cells. The results are a radiant, fresh-faced luminous appearance. POLISH promotes long-lasting hydration and a smooth, glowing complexion.

Dr. Amir Karam, double board-certified facial plastic surgeon

Dr. Amir Karam is a renowned facial cosmetic surgeon who has more than two decades of experience. Known as an authority in his field, Dr. Karam achieves youthful facial shapes for his patients with surgical procedures and applies treatments to refresh the skin such as laser or microneedling. However, he wanted to do more for his patients to achieve beautiful results–fresh, youthful, renewed skin. He created the TRIFECTA to address the quality of the skin, one of the most important factors in a youthful appearance.

Dr. Karam’s products provide all of the vital ingredients for rejuvenation and skin revitalization, and they are perfect for all skin types. He spent years creating the TRIFECTA & POLISH. His products are clinically proven, representing groundbreaking skincare. With KaramMD products, he helps his patients achieve truly stunning results and beautiful, healthy skin


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