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Good and Bad Skincare Practices

By: Amir Karam MD

Skincare practices are everything when it comes to maintaining or achieving radiant, youthful skin. What you eat and drink, and everything that goes into your body is going to affect the skin, just as it would the other organs. If you want to have beautiful, luminous skin, you have to be careful about what goes into your body and what you put on your skin itself. Let’s get into the important good and bad skincare habits.

Bad skincare habit #1: Drinking alcohol and smoking

Avoid toxins like fast food and processed food that negatively affect your skin. The most significant toxins to avoid are alcohol and smoking. Alcohol dehydrates the skin and has a negative impact on the skin. If you’re drinking on a regular basis, it will show in dull, dead-looking skin. 

Smoking is terrible for your skin. Besides the sun, smoking is one of the fastest accelerators of aging. The skin of people who have smoked for years is lined and wrinkled, with a grey, dull skin tone. 


Bad skincare habit #2: Exposing your skin to the sun

Woman with peeling skin after sun burn

Like smoking, the sun accelerates the signs of age. These are the top two bad skincare practices–smoking and sun exposure. Damage from sun exposure is equal to the damage of smoking when it comes to aging your skin.

Of course, you want to be able to be in the sun and get your vitamin D from time to time. But it’s extremely key to keep the sun off your face and protect your facial skin from the sun with a proper sunscreen.  

Good skincare habit #1: Stay hydrated

Woman drinking water during a jog wearing ear buds

Dehydration causes the skin to look flat, slack, and wrinkled–not a good look. Hydration is vital when it comes to your daily regimen. Drink a lot of water, at least eight glasses of water, or about two liters, a day. And don’t forget electrolytes. It’s key to get the proper amount of electrolytes to allow your skin to absorb the fluids you drink. 

Good skincare habit #2: Get enough vitamins and nutrients

Fruits and vitamins

Just like every other organ in the body, the skin needs vitamins and nutrients to remain healthy and function well. Eat a clean diet with less processed foods. Look for foods with lots of antioxidants, like berries, avocado, and leafy greens. These foods are packed with the nutrients that your skin thrives on. Don’t forget to take supplements to boost the nutrients in your body–your skin will thank you for it!

Good skincare habit #3: Get enough sleep 

Man sleeping in bed

Sleep is incredibly important when it comes to having beautiful, bright skin. Without enough sleep, the blood supply to the skin is diminished. What does this look like? A dull, flat skin tone that is missing a youthful flush and brightness. Get between 7-9 hours of solid sleep every night.

Good skincare habit #4: Use skincare products with the right ingredients

Ensure you are using products with the following anti-aging ingredients. These ingredients are vital when it comes to preventing the signs of age and rejuvenating skin. Each ingredient helps to address different factors, but the overall effect when your skincare routine combines them is better collagen production, decreased pigmentation and inflammation, brightening and lightening effects, hydration, and supple, luminous skin.

  • Retinol
  • Vitamin C
  • Hyaluronic acid serum and lipids
  • Niacinimide
  • Peptides
  • Non-hydroquinone lighteners


Good skincare habit #5: Be consistent

Your skin won’t be glowing and beautiful if you only follow good skincare practices from time to time. Use your skincare products every day, eat well, avoid smoking and drinking, protect your skin from the sun, and hydrate. When it comes to the skin, you’ve got to stay consistent with these practices. The results speak for themselves!

You can find out more about skin care habits in my Youtube Video Plastic surgeon reveals the truth about skincare and anti-aging. How important is it really??


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