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Amir Karam MD Board Certified Facial Plastic Surgeon Founder / Creator of KaramMD Skin

Close your eyes and picture how old you really feel. If you’re struggling with the signs of age, from a changing facial shape to aging skin, you probably feel much younger than you look. What gives a person the youthful look we all wish we still had? Young-looking, supple skin without wrinkles and a full facial shape with volume, a tight jawline, and firm, lifted features. This youthful facial shape is often described as a heart or an upside-down triangle.

In essence, aging is seen when the face begins to lengthen due to a loss of volume that causes the face to look deflated and hollow looking, and the features begin to sag downward. Additionally, the skin starts to lose color, look dull and become thin, and wrinkles begin to appear.

So how do you make your skin look younger and match the age you really feel? You can find out more about my take on this and the best ways to treat the signs of age by watching my video Plastic Surgeon Reveals Two Signs That You Might Look Older than You Are!

Let’s get into the most effective way to treat the signs of age.

What is the Best Way to Treat the Signs of Age?

The answer to making your skin look younger is simple: any sagging features on the face and neck require one thing to reverse the signs of age–surgery. The fact is, other solutions that are offered out there don’t actually work. While we often hear about radiofrequency, ultrasound, PDO threads, and all kinds of other treatments, the bottom line is that they don’t solve the problem and in the end, they leave you disappointed. Surgery is the only effective way to treat sagging tissues and get the facial features back into a lifted, youthful position.

Volume loss is not the same as sagging, although it contributes to the problem. What is needed to fill hollows without causing a puffy or “alien” look is a fat transfer. To achieve an overall restoration of youth and reshape the face, I start with a facelift (my specialized facelift is the Volume Restore™), upper and lower blepharoplasty to refresh and lift the eyes, and a lip lift. From there, I do a fat transfer to restore lost volume and achieve the supple, plump look that signals youth.

What About Treating Aging Skin?

When it comes to looking young, beautiful, luminous skin is just as important as a youthful, firm facial shape. But the way to achieve youthful skin is a different matter than what it takes to achieve a youthful facial shape. For aging skin, a surgical procedure doesn’t do it.

Youthful skin starts with prevention. Lifestyle choices are important when it comes to maintaining youthful skin and preventing the signs of age. Always drink plenty of water, don’t smoke, follow a clean diet, protect your skin from the sun, and drink alcohol moderately.

What you put on your skin to keep it looking young and healthy is also important. I created the KaramMD Trifecta that combines the key ingredients you need to keep your skin beautiful, youthful and glowing. Your skincare routine should both prevent and help reverse the signs of age. That’s what the KaramMD Trifecta helps achieve.

If you’re in your mid-50s or older and the signs of age have already set in, you’re dealing with skin discoloration, lines and wrinkles, and other concerns. This is where lasers, chemical peels, IPL (intense pulsed light therapy), and other treatments come into play. These treatments improve the quality of your skin and reverse these signs of age that set in over time.

The Bottom Line

When you’re trying to make your skin look younger, keep it super simple:

Treating the changes in facial shape and lost facial volume requires surgical procedures to achieve a beautiful, youthful, and natural look. Don’t waste your time and money trying to achieve a youthful facial shape and natural-looking volume with non-surgical treatments that don’t really work or wind up giving you a look that says, “I had work done.”

Treating aging skin can be achieved with chemical peels, IPL, laser treatments, and proper skincare that properly cleanses, hydrates and brightens the skin with effective ingredients, such as the Trifecta by KaramMD. Prevention is key, but skin restoration is attainable with the right skin treatments and skincare routine.

Look as young as you feel with Dr. Amir Karam

Dr. Karam is a board-certified facial plastic surgeon who has earned a stellar reputation for excellence in his field. He has more than two decades of experience helping his clients achieve a youthful appearance that matches how they feel on the inside. As a surgeon, his work is always about creating natural, balanced results that enhance and define the beauty within.

When it comes to skincare, after years of working with patients who wanted simple, effective skincare solutions to prevent and reverse the signs of age, Dr. Karam realized the right products simply weren’t available. He created the KaramMD skincare line to provide a simple, affordable, highly-effective skincare system designed for all skin types and ages. This groundbreaking line is called the KaramMD Trifecta.

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