Premium Skincare Designed by Dr. Karam, A World Renowned Facial Plastic Surgeon.

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As a world-renowned Facial Plastic Surgeon with over 20 years of helping people find their way with skin products, Dr. Karam realized the true challenges people face when trying to figure out skincare. Too many products, too many steps, too expensive, with each product attempting to address isolated issues. This results in people rarely getting the right products for them or maintaining an effective skincare regimen.

His vision was to solve these issues by creating an effective, simple-to-use and trustworthy skincare product, after years of laboratory development, KaramMD was born. A groundbreaking skincare system custom-designed for all skin types and ages. The line was designed with integrity, focused on combining the ideal set of ingredients to nourish, enhance, and rejuvenate the skin on the eyes, face, and neck in a simple to use system giving you confidence in your skincare products and regimen.

The Karam Trifecta

The Karam Trifecta

Karam Trifecta

Rinse, Quench, Illuminate

Discover KaramMD, a skincare line created with integrity. Our three-step program covers the entire spectrum of skincare for women and men of every age and skin type. The cleanser, vitamin C serum, and all-in-one anti-aging cream are all you will ever need in a daily skin regimen to maintain healthy, glowing skin.

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Karam MD

Skincare Story by Dr. Karam

Welcome! I would like to share a little about how and why I developed this skincare line. First, KaramMD is NOT just another generic skincare product with a physician label and fancy bottle. I set out to fundamentally solve a real-world problem. There are simply too many choices and too many steps leading to people wasting precious time and money with the wrong products. My patients simply wanted great skin, but to get any effective treatment it ended up costing upwards of $400 - $600 a month, which was just too much for most. As a result, people would bounce around from product to product, trying the latest and greatest... sound familiar? To get great skin you need to use the right products consistently and continuously over months and years. My mission was to cut through the confusion and design a unique, physician-guided product that incorporates all the key pieces of skincare in a simple 3-step daily regimen that is highly effective and cost and time efficient. Thus, KaramMD was born, a simple trifecta of skincare products that you can trust, knowing your skin is getting everything it needs in just three products.


Founder/CEO KaramMD

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