Creating Consistently Healthy Skin

Dr. Amir Karam has earned a reputation as a plastic surgeon who creates incredible results, rejuvenating faces and crafting harmonious results. Over the years, he’s learned the importance of youthful skin, especially when it comes to complementing the type of youthful facial features his surgeries often create.

Dr. Karam’s Extensive Experience

Skincare is, of course, a highly specialized type of care, and Dr. Karam quickly realized how difficult it can be to maintain the type of consistency that contributes to truly refreshed and rejuvenated skin. As a double board-certified plastic surgeon with over two decades’ worth of service under his belt, Dr. Karam understands what it takes to look incredible in a way that few practitioners do. Having performed over six thousand facial rejuvenation surgeries — and even earned himself a reputation as “the social doctor,” thanks to his impressively engaged presence on social media — Dr. Karam has dedicated his life to beauty, both inside and out.

The Karam Trifecta

Over the course of several years, we have been working to develop a proprietary set of products that we refer to as The Karam Trifecta. Developed in one of the country's most highly advanced skincare labs, this highly specialized skincare regimen is truly one of a kind and the simplest routine you've ever used packed with all the ingredients you need. We’ve honed and refined these formulas to bring you the most advanced and effective skincare possible, without requiring that you deal with an entire shelf’s worth of expensive, complicated products that’ll take a ton of time out of your daily routine.

Simple, Effective Skin Care Products

When we say "simple and effective", we mean it. Formulated with a series of active ingredients that will brighten your skin to leave you glowing, the Karam Trifecta does the work of a series of products that would normally cost you three to four times as much. Our goal, like our skincare, is simple. We believe that skincare should be affordable, easy and accessible because everyone deserves to both look and feel their very best every single day.