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“Caring for my surgical patients over the years I’ve seen how difficult aging can be on a personal level, and have witnessed firsthand the challenges in sticking with an effective anti-aging skincare routine in today’s market. This inspired me to create a better approach to skincare, and ultimately led to the creation of the Trifecta routine. The Trifecta gives you an anti-aging skincare solution that is comprehensive, clinically-tested, cost-effective and simple to use. The Trifecta offers you a proven path on your journey to great skin. This is a new paradigm, and it was handcrafted for you.” 

- Dr. Karam


When I was young, my mother had a heart transplant. Her miraculous recovery inspired me to become a surgeon, and I was all in from that moment onward. 

I worked towards my goal constantly and went on to graduate top of my class. I used this same passion and integrity to build my surgical practice and to innovate trademarked procedures that changed the way people think about facelifts. I now use the same approach to rethink the skincare industry and make products for you to use at home that are simple to use, comprehensive in their approach, and truly effective. 

What started as a solution for my surgical patients is now available to the world. I created KaramMD Skin from the ground up, spent six years perfecting the custom formulas, and have rigorously validated the results with third party testing. I believe there is one path to youthful looking skin, and the secret is using the right ingredients, consistently, for the long run.

This innovative approach to skincare is the final stop for your skincare needs - I’ve included everything you need in the Trifecta routine for daily anti-aging so you can stop bouncing from product-to-product, and create good habits for lasting change. 

When you make the commitment to achieve good skin, you deserve to get results. I’m proud of everything I’ve made, and I hope you love KaramMD Skin products as much as I do. 

All my best, 

Dr. Karam

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The Clinically Tested Trifecta

The Trifecta is an anti-aging skincare system designed to replace multiple products by covering foundational skincare needs with a comprehensive, proven, 3 step routine.


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Our proprietary serum features three stable forms of Vitamin C, and is rich in antioxidants.


Anti-Aging Cream features powerful active ingredients that improve the look of your skin’s visible age.

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