Look as young as you feel.

“I know how you feel and what you want, and I believe I can help you. As a surgeon I expect efficacy, and I believe you deserve to use something that actually works to help you look your best. I’ve created KaramMD to give you age defying skincare that is comprehensive, clinically-proven, cost effective, and simple to use. This is a new paradigm, and it was designed for you.” —Dr. Karam

A LABOR OF LOVE As a surgeon, I expect to see results…real results.

When I was young, my mother had a heart transplant. Her miraculous recovery inspired me to become a surgeon, and I was all in from that moment onward.

I worked towards my goal constantly and went on to graduate top of my class. I used this same passion and integrity to build my surgical practice and to innovate trademarked procedures that changed the way people think of face lifts. I now use the same approach to rethink the skincare industry and make products for you to use at home that are simple, real, and effective.

What started as a solution for my surgical patients is now available to the world. I created KaramMD Skin from the ground up, spent 6 years perfecting the custom formulas, and have rigorously validated the results with third party testing. This truly new approach to skincare is the final stop for your skincare needs—I’ve included everything you will ever need for daily anti-aging so you can stop bouncing from product to product and create good habits for lasting change.

When you make the commitment to achieve good skin, you deserve to get results. I’m proud of everything I’ve made, and I hope you love KaramMD Skin products as much as I do.

All my best, Amir Karam M.D.

CLINICALLY TESTED Proven powerful.

The KaramMD Trifecta is custom formulated with best-in-class actives, then tested in rigorous clinical studies that show significant, measurable benefits in every aspect of aging—texture, lines and wrinkles, firmness, tone, and hydration.

Experience the Trifecta

stress-free skincare An easy commitment with major results.

KaramMD Skin streamlines everything you need to address anti-aging into one easy line-up—so you can make a commitment and stay consistent. Our built-in subscription system makes it simple for you to maintain the necessary good habits for ongoing skin health and rejuvenation.