How To Make Your Skin Look Younger

Close your eyes and picture how old you really feel. If you’re struggling with the signs of age, from a changing facial shape to aging skin, you probably feel much younger than you look. What gives a person the youthful look we all wish we still had? Young-looking, supple skin without wrinkles and a full facial shape with volume, a tight jawline, and firm, lifted features. This youthful facial shape is often described as a heart or an upside-down triangle. In essence, aging is seen when the face begins to lengthen due to a loss of volume that causes the face to look deflated and hollow looking, and the features begin to sag downward. Additionally, the skin starts to lose...

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Skincare Secrets: 5 Tips For Proper Sunscreen Protection

If you want to take great care of your skin and slow down the aging process, there are simple skincare secrets for proper sunscreen protection that can help stop the clock and revitalize the condition of your skin. These five key sunscreen skincare secrets will take your skin to the next level. 1. Protect your skin from the sun with the right type of sunscreen. While the fact that sun exposure ages and damages your skin is not a secret, the amount of damage the sun can cause may surprise some. Sun exposure both accelerates and causes age-related changes to the skin. The sun is responsible for anywhere from 50%-70% of the changes we see in the skin. Skin damage...

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What happens to your skin as you age—and what it needs

As we grow older, our needs' change—and that includes our skins' needs. Understanding what your skin needs can feel overwhelming. But here's the good news: nourishing and caring for your skin doesn't need to be complex or expensive. Once you understand the key ingredients your skin needs, building an effective skincare regimen becomes simple.

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