Enhance Your Skincare Routine: Enrich Breathable Barrier Balm

Enhance Your Skincare Routine: Enrich Breathable Barrier Balm

Written by Founder, Amir Karam MD

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As someone deeply invested in our community's skincare journey, I've listened attentively to your feedback.

Many of you expressed interest in an additional moisturizing product to supplement Trifecta–so I got to work. With that, I am happy to announce a big milestone at KaramMD, as we launch our newest product, Enrich Breathable Barrier Balm.

Enrich is a groundbreaking innovation in skincare–a rich, occlusive hydrating balm, designed to prioritize and nurture the skin barrier. Enrich goes beyond mere moisturization. This remarkable formulation is engineered to restore skin barrier health and deliver soothing hydration, imparting a dewy glow and radiant finish to your daily skincare routine. I am confident that our new balm will seamlessly integrate into your skincare regimen–opening some of you to a new way of thinking about your skin’s hydration. Prepare to embark on a journey towards healthier, more luminous skin with Enrich leading the way.

What Exactly is the Skin Barrier Function?

Your skin is composed of three layers: the top layer is the epidermis, with the dermis and hypodermis below that. The skin barrier is referring to the outermost layer of the epidermis, also known as the stratum corneum. The stratum corneum is made up of accumulated layers of dead skin cells, tightly packed and held together by a lipid complex, which is composed of ceramides and essential fatty acids. 

KaramMD skin barrier

A common metaphor would be the brick wall: the cells are the bricks, the lipids are the mortar, and you want a strong skin barrier wall because this outermost layer of the skin acts as the first line of defense for the body against external dangers like UV rays, pollutants, viruses, and bacteria. This helps to strengthen your overall well-being and immunity. 

This barrier of protective skin not only stops harmful irritants from getting inside the body, but the skin cells and lipid matrix that make up the skin barrier are water repellant, meaning they also have an important role in making sure our vital water supply does not evaporate out from the body either. It is crucial to maintaining the body's moisture levels and preventing dehydration.

When the skin barrier is strong and healthy, our skin remains smooth, supple, and resilient. However, when the skin barrier is disrupted or damaged, your body is susceptible to dryness, irritation, infections, and can result in premature aging. 

Therefore, nurturing and supporting the skin barrier through proper skincare practices and using products that enhance its integrity are crucial for maintaining healthy and protected skin. 

Transepidermal Water Loss While You Sleep

You’ve heard me talk about the skin barrier many times before. Last week I wrote about the power of exfoliation and five mistakes to avoid. Exfoliating too hard or too often are easy ways to damage your skin barrier. While an accumulation of too many dead skin cells can lead to uneven skin texture or dullness, overly exfoliating can damage your skin barrier, leaving you vulnerable to numerous issues, including inflammation, flakiness, or dehydration.

One of the primary functions of the skin barrier is to regulate hydration levels by preventing excessive water loss through a process known as Transepidermal Water Loss (TEWL). The lipid matrix in the stratum corneum acts as a glue for the skin barrier, sealing in moisture and maintaining your body’s optimal hydration level. If the skin barrier is compromised, TEWL increases, leading to dry skin, lack of elasticity and inevitable signs of aging.

While transepidermal water loss is a constant process that happens to everyone throughout the day (which is why adequate daily hydration is key to healthy skin), by far the most water loss occurs while we sleep. 

This is why I'm thrilled to introduce KaramMD’s latest product, Enrich Breathable Barrier Balm, which not only enhances skin barrier functioning with active ingredients on a surface-level, but Enrich is also a unique skincare solution that prevents Transepidermal Water Loss when applied at night. This balm effectively locks in hydration to leave your skin smoother and softer by morning.

Enhancing Your Trifecta Skincare Routine

As you know, Trifecta is the cornerstone of KaramMD. 

  • the answer to anti-aging
  • an all-in-one skincare solution
  • contains all of the active ingredients you need
  • consolidated into a simple, three-step routine 
  • quick enough to be done twice daily
  • beneficial for all skin types

Developing Trifecta was the goal, it our flagship, and with that, anything else KaramMD creates from this point forward is very intentional, and intended to support and enhance the Trifecta system… and that’s exactly what Enrich does.

Enrich was created by our community's expressed desire for more moisture; something to layer on top of Trifecta (particularly during times of the year where dry, winter skin, or living in hot, arid climates posed particular dehydration challenges). 

I understood that finding the right product to fill this need meant more than just providing temporary moisturizing relief. It required something that could repair and make active changes to the skin, something to work alongside Trifecta’s arsenal of active ingredients, while also alleviating dryness and discomfort.

I didn’t just want to meet the demand, I wanted to innovate something new to elevate the realm of skincare, so I looked for inspiration and saw immense benefit in the popular trend: slugging.

Skincare Benefits of "Slugging"

“Slugging" has actually been around for decades, but has recently gained traction among beauty enthusiasts as an evening addition to your skincare routine. If you are unfamiliar with slugging, it is a Korean-inspired practice that involves applying a thick layer of occlusive skincare products, such as petroleum jelly or ceramide-rich creams, to the skin before bedtime, leaving behind a thick layer that resembles the slimy trail left behind by a slug.

Slugging has become popular for a reason; it has some seriously noteworthy skincare benefits:

Reduces Transepidermal Water Loss (TEWL):

Slugging can help to minimize the nightly loss of water through the skin's surface. This can help to prevent dehydration and maintain optimal hydration levels in the skin.

Strengthens Skin Barrier Functioning

Slugging helps bolster the skin barrier by reinforcing the lipid matrix of the stratum corneum, replenishing and supporting the natural lipids in the skin barrier, contributing to improved hydration, resilience, and overall skin health. Slugging can protect the existing lipids from degradation, helping to maintain a healthy lipid balance in the skin barrier.

Protects and Enhances your Skincare Products

Slugging enhances your skincare routine by creating a protective barrier over your skincare products, allowing them to penetrate and work more effectively. It seals in the active ingredients, preventing evaporation and maximizing their absorption into the skin, thus enhancing the efficacy of your evening skincare routine.

Intense Overnight Hydration

Slugging creates a seal over the skin overnight, allowing it to deeply hydrate and nourish the skin while you sleep. This can be particularly beneficial for individuals with dry or dehydrated skin.

Softens and Smooths the Skin

Slugging helps to hydrate the skin cells, making them appear more plump and supple in the morning. By locking in moisture for an extended period of time, slugging helps to soften and dissolve the rough, dry patches on the skin's surface. Consistent use of slugging can help to improve the overall texture and appearance of the skin, resulting in a softer, smoother, and more radiant complexion.

How Enrich Differs From Traditional Slugging Products

While traditional slugging provides increased hydration and protection, I also recognized there were potential gaps and drawbacks in the current market.

  • One obvious issue with traditional slugging products, like petroleum jelly–it’s a mess. Most of the popular slugging products are oil-based, so you wake up with greasy petroleum all over your stained pillowcases. 

  • Most traditional slugging products on the market contain mineral-oil that lacks any kind of benefit for the skin beyond trapping water. Mineral oil does not contain biologically active ingredients; it is simply a film layer that works through occlusivity. 

  • Other occlusive slugging products may not allow the skin to "breathe" overnight. Ensuring your skin can breathe freely is vital for its natural functions, including detoxification and repair processes. Applying a non-breathable occlusive product can potentially hinder these processes by trapping sweat, sebum (oil), and other impurities, thus increasing the risk of breakouts or aggravating acne-prone skin. 

Consequently, consistent use of these other occlusive products for slugging carry a potential risk. So I aimed to change this. 

Enrich Balm has many unique components that separate it from any other slugging product on the market:

  • Enrich Breathable Barrier Balm is packed full of plant oils, fatty acids, and vitamins that penetrate into your skin throughout the night to provide your skin with additional nourishment and active anti-aging benefits.

  • Enrich gives your skin a protective film like other slugging methods, but it is specifically non-comedogenic, so it won't clog your pores.

  • Enrich does not contain mineral-oil, so it allows your skin to breathe and repair overnight, with no-mess, no-risk to your skin.

  • It contains dozens of the highest-quality active ingredients working to support and enhance the skin's natural process for renewal, resulting in longer-lasting, more reliable results over traditional products. 

  • Enrich seals the skin to decrease nightly evaporative loss, while simultaneously strengthening the lipid profile and skin barrier function, which is essential to healthy, youthful-looking skin.

  • And to top it off, literally, it will protect the active ingredients in your evening regimen, allowing them to work longer and penetrate deeper, giving you even better results with your consistent skincare routine.

Enrich Breathable Barrier Balm: More Than a Moisturizer

This balm far surpassed my initial goal in creating a moisturizing agent. I wanted to develop a product that not only provided all the benefits of slugging to enhance skin barrier function, but also aimed to exceed the expectations of Trifecta users and others in the KaramMD community who were seeking additional hydration to complete their skincare routines. 

I felt I had hit the mark, but as always, I let the results speak for themselves.

Clinically-Tested = Results You Can Trust

Like all of the KaramMD products, Enrich was clinically-tested for efficacy. As an MD, I would never put out a product that hadn’t been meticulously formulated, tested, and ensured to deliver reliable results. Enrich came back with impressive stats after a 4-week instrument and personal perspective study on 30 participants ages 35-65.

This is what the clinical study showed with Enrich when tested by dermatologists:

  • 94% of subjects showed highly significant improvement in moisture retention after a single night of use.
  • 74% of the subjects showed highly significant improvement in skin barrier function after a single night of use
  • 94% of subjects showed highly significant improvement in skin elasticity after 4 weeks of use.

When we asked for consumer perception:

  • 97% of consumers reported that Enrich instantly soothed and calmed their skin upon application
  • 97% said that their skin appeared to look more moisturized after using the product.
  • 94% of consumers agreed their skin felt softer immediately after using the product
  • 94% of agreed their skin felt protected immediately after using the product
  • 97% said it felt comfortable to wear overnight
  • And after 4 weeks of continuous use, 91% of consumers said their skin appeared more moisturized, with a visible improvement in dryness

Formulated with the Highest Quality Anti-Aging Ingredients

Enrich not only improves hydration like traditional slugging or moisturizers, but also has active components that are intended to improve the skin from an anti-aging perspective as well. Some of these scientifically-backed ingredients and their natural counterparts include:

  • Bakuchiol - a natural, retinol-like compound, believed to exhibit properties similar to Retinol without the same level of skin sensitivity. This makes it ideal for those who are pregnant or doing facial treatments and need to avoid active ingredients. 
  • Astaxanthin - a super-antioxidant, included for its potential to support the skin's natural defense against environmental stressors that can lead to skin damage, and has skin-conditioning benefits like brightening and toning.
  • Patented Lipid-complex - designed to restore and support the skin's lipid barrier, by improving the proportions of ceramides, cholesterol, and fatty acids in the stratum corneum. Strengthening the glue in the lipid profile will improve the skin barrier function, moisture retention, and improve overall skin health.
  • Natural plant oils - sesame, broccoli, marula, black cumin, brazilian nut, avocado, passionfruit, olive - this rich blend of oils contain vitamins, omega acids, and antioxidants to soothe and support the skin while also restoring the skin barrier function. They leave the skin feeling smoother, softer, looking more supple and healthy, and are fast-absorbing, lightweight, and hydrating without clogging pores or leaving behind a greasy residue.
  • Cupuacu butter - appreciated for its skin-conditioning properties and its ability to provide moisture and hydration to the skin, contributing to skin softness and suppleness.

How To Use: Enrich

To effectively utilize this skincare product, there are several recommended steps:


My wife and I prefer using it at night, following a routine similar to "slugging," where we can apply a generous amount to the skin before bedtime and go for the full glazed donut effect (yes, I have TikTok). 

Note: this product can truly be used any time of day. If you want to go for a dewey daytime look, just apply a smaller amount, before sunscreen application. 

After completing your evening Trifecta skincare regimen, apply a modest amount of the product, ensuring it adequately covers your entire face with a thick layer. 

Go for the gold: You don’t need to stop at your face. Your skin barrier spans head to toe, which means your entire body can benefit from Enrich. You can use anywhere you may have dry, flaky skin or inflammation, which are signs of a damaged skin barrier.

Gently massage the product into your skin to ensure even distribution and absorption. I suggest also including the neck + décolleté each evening.

Tip: A little goes a long way. So, if you find yourself with too much product, use whatever is leftover from application on your arms, elbows, and hands.

Finally, leave the product on overnight to seal in moisture and maximize the benefits of its active ingredients, awakening to rejuvenated and nourished skin.

Revolutionary Skincare to Elevate Your Routine

I am thrilled to be launching our Enrich Balm, a revolutionary skincare product that embodies the importance of nurturing and protecting the skin barrier. Understanding the paramount role of skin barrier function for healthy, youthful-looking skin, I felt passionate about offering a solution that not only hydrates, but also contains active ingredients to combat signs of aging, and focus on this crucial aspect of the skin barrier health to elevate your skincare routines to new heights. 

Enrich contributes to the overall health and resilience of the skin, providing intense hydration and protection. I am confident that Enrich will serve as the perfect companion product for anyone seeking to enhance their skincare regimen. Its unique formula strikes the beautiful balance between efficacy and comfort, ensuring optimal skin health and radiance for even those with sensitive skin. 

Get ready to embark on a journey to healthier, more vibrant skin with Enrich in your routine!

Amir Karam MD

Board Certified Facial Plastic Surgeon
Founder / Creator of KaramMD Skin

Dr. Amir Karam is a renowned facial cosmetic surgeon and an authority in his field. With over two decades of experience helping patients achieve a younger, refreshed appearance. In addition to surgical procedures that sculpt a youthfully-defined facial shape, Dr. Karam takes the quality of the skin into account.

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