Skincare Tips You Should Never Follow, and Why

By: Amir Karam MD

Some skincare tips are mentioned so much they seem like truths. That’s not always the case. There are a lot of skincare myths and untruths out there! Personally, I question everything and try to make the best decisions based on evidence and science, researched results, and common sense.

Of course, it’s never a good idea to blindly follow advice, especially what often comes from the internet without a proper background or evidence. Always do your research or talk to your doctor before following a viral trend. I’ve put together some of these trends and myths to watch out for that are out there today.

Here are the top five skincare “tips” you should never follow

I get into these in detail in my ig video, “5 Skincare tips I would never follow.”


1. Use a separate eye cream.  (No need for this! Just use the same product you use on the rest of your face.)

I’ve never understood using a separate eye cream, an additional product that is just for your eyes. The eye area has the same skin as what’s on the rest of your face. Why have a whole different product just for the eyes? To me, this seems like a sales tactic, and I’m not into it. You can use hyaluronic acid, retinols, moisturizers, and anything else that you use on the rest of your face that you use on your eyelid skin. 

2. Use a separate neck cream.

Same thing as eye cream. There’s no need for a separate cream for your neck. The skin on your neck will respond the same way your facial skin does. I developed the TRIFECTA for use on your face, eyes and neck, and it works perfectly for both.

3. You don’t need sunscreen if it’s cloudy or raining outside. (Yes, you do.)

UVA rays, which are responsible for aging the skin, get through clouds, rain and snow. You need your broad-spectrum, mineral-based sunscreen whether the sun is out or not.

4. Don’t mix retinol with vitamin C (It’s just the opposite!) 

I don’t know where this “tip” came from, but it’s completely wrong. These are two ingredients you definitely should combine–you need both in your skincare products. These are two of the most potent and vital ingredients in anti-aging, and you want to be using both.

5. If it’s burning, it’s working! (If it’s burning, something is wrong)

Burning or stinging is not a good thing. If you’re experiencing this when you put a product on your skin, it means that you are sensitive to the ingredients or that the ingredients are compounded in a way that is too harsh for the skin. This is important: you don’t want to feel pain or burning when the product is applied. Redness, stinging, or any other kind of reaction means something is wrong. 

So, these are the top five “tips” you should never follow. I would just want to add one important tip–make sure you trust a product or skincare treatment before you buy it. I created the TRIFECTA to provide my clients and anyone else who wanted to achieve beautiful, radiant skin with a proven, simple product line that truly works. 

The TRIFECTA, a skincare line you can trust 

After spending years trying to find skincare products that had all the right ingredients, no gimmicks, and no confusing complexities, I realized the right products didn’t exist. While there are some great products out there, they don’t exist in a simple, sustainable routine you maintain consistently, without fail.

I spent five years formulating the KaramMD TRIFECTA. The TRIFECTA is a simple, three-product skincare routine packed with the vital ingredients needed to reverse the aging process. The TRIFECTA is clinically proven to achieve supple, radiant, youthful skin. It includes the following products:


A hydrating, softening cleanser that removes toxins and dead skin. RINSE helps prevent UVA damage and triggers cell regeneration. It also prepares your skin to deeply absorb the active ingredients in the following two products of the TRIFECTA: QUENCH and ILLUMINATE.


A refreshing, skin-brightening vitamin C serum that minimizes hyperpigmentation, fine lines, inflammation, and other signs of age. QUENCH renews the skin and helps to prevent collagen breakdown.


An anti-aging cream that accomplishes many positive effects, such as improved skin elasticity, deep hydration, greater collagen production, and faster cell turnover. ILLUMINATE helps achieve a vibrant, youthful radiance, working on its own as an all-in-one or in conjunction with RINSE and QUENCH.

I also created POLISH, a powerful yet gentle exfoliator designed to enhance the effects of the TRIFECTA and refresh the skin. POLISH smooths and evens skin texture while regulating oil production and skin hydration.

Dr. Amir Karam, your skincare expert

Dr. Amir Karam is a double board-certified facial plastic surgeon and skincare expert with over two decades of experience. As a renowned facial cosmetic surgeon who helped patient after patient achieve a younger appearance with custom surgical procedures, he became interested in how to help them achieve beautiful skin quality. Dr. Karam performs in-office skin treatments, such as laser treatments and chemical peels, toward this end. But in addition to these, he wanted to find a way to help his patients achieve glowing, youthful skin with an at-home skincare routine.

Dr. Karam developed the groundbreaking, clinically-proven TRIFECTA, a revolutionary skincare line that’s effective and safe on all skin types. His products are formulated with the vital ingredients necessary for the results you want: luminous, fresh, youthful skin. Dr. Karam’s TRIFECTA + POLISH has everything required to achieve beautiful skin with a simple, easy daily routine.

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