What Are Some Concerns That You Need to Address With a Skincare Routine?

By: Amir Karam MD

As a facial plastic surgeon and facial rejuvenation specialist who has worked with people to help them look young for the last twenty years, I’ve made a simple observation. What makes a person look young? Two things combined: 

  • A youthful facial shape and;
  • Young-looking, luminous skin.

A youthful facial shape is addressed by surgical intervention to restore the youthful structure of the face. Youthful skin is achieved with your own work at home, applying the right skincare products to your face on a regular basis.  

So what are some of the aging concerns that need to be addressed with a proper skincare routine?

How does your skin age?

As we get older, our skin starts to change. What are these changes?

  • Dryness and lack of hydration

  • Thinning skin

  • Uneven tone and discoloration

  •  Lack of firmness

  •  Fine lines and wrinkles

  •  Textural changes and dullness

  • Pore size is larger due to congestion

To achieve youthful, radiant skin, we have to address each one of these signs of age. It might seem challenging to do that since they are all unique. Luckily, they have common causes, and these causes are what we target when we are tackling unwanted skin changes.

I get into this in more detail in my video: A must-know SECRET to an effective anti-aging skincare routine that WORKS!

How do you fix aging skin?

There are two vital things to think about when it comes to reversing or preventing aging skin: sun protection and what you put on your skin.

Sun protection

The absolutely most important step when it comes to preventing or stopping skin aging is sun protection. Sun is the worst aging accelerator, by itself contributing to 70-80% of the list of skin aging. Use a broad-spectrum, mineral-based sunscreen that blocks both UVA (age-causing) rays and UVB (cancer-causing) rays.

What should you put on your skin?

You need ingredients that are going to address each one of the signs of age listed above. Let’s break this down and find out what ingredients are going to effectively resolve skin aging concerns:

Dryness and lack of hydration

You’ll need a product that includes hyaluronic acid that brings hydration to the skin and lipids that improve the equilibrium of the skin and regulate oil production.

Fine lines and wrinkles, thinning skin, lack of firmness & loss of elasticity and collagen

Find a product that stimulates collagen production. These ingredients are retinol, vitamin C, and growth factors. All three of these ingredients maximize and keep fibroblasts producing collagen, keeping the skin more elastic, more supple, and stronger over time.

Skin function and the strength of the skin barrier are kept healthy and strong with niacinamide/vitamin B. 

Uneven tone and discoloration

You’ll need a plant-based, non-hydroquinone lightener as a vital part of any skincare routine. In addition to that, retinols and vitamin C directly address pigmentation concerns.

Textural changes, dullness, and large pore size 

You need a good, non-foaming cleanser and a gentle exfoliator to smooth the skin texture, remove dead, dull skin, and allow your skin’s natural oil production to flow. This achieves a bright, luminous skin tone and reduces the size of the pores.

Be sure your skincare products not only have all the right ingredients, but are scientifically tested and clinically proven to get results. With proper sun protection and the use of the right ingredients on your skin, you’re going to achieve your ultimate goal: strong, supple skin that is free of discoloration and lines and wrinkles, skin that is well hydrated and dewy, and skin that is luminous and radiant.

One more thing–CONSISTENCY 

You can have all the best ingredients in the world, but if you don’t put them on your skin every day with a consistent skincare routine, you won’t get the results you want. With the genetic changes that are happening at the cellular level in terms of collagen production, melanin production, regulation of oil flow, hydration, and so on, your skin will keep aging faster than you can stop it unless you’re applying the right ingredients consistently and at the same time, protecting your skin from the sun. 

How can I find skincare products that have the right ingredients?

I spent years trying to find the right products to help my patients achieve beautiful skin. Finally, feeling overwhelmed by the complicated skincare routines and endless products available, I realized there’s almost no way to find what you need in a simple, sustainable routine you can do every single day without fail.

I spent the following five years formulating the KaramMD TRIFECTA, a simple, three-step skincare routine that includes all the right ingredients to reverse the aging process. The TRIFECTA is scientifically formulated and proven to boost collagen production, reduce discoloration, and achieve beautiful, supple, and youthful skin with three products:


A gentle cleanser that softens and hydrates, removing dead skin and helping to trigger cell regeneration and prevent UVA damage. RINSE can be used alone, but it is also designed to prepare your skin to absorb the TRIFECTA active skincare ingredients in QUENCH and ILLUMINATE.


A skin brightening vitamin C serum that refreshes the skin, minimizing fine lines, hyperpigmentation, and signs of age. QUENCH acts as an anti-inflammatory and prevents collagen breakdown.


An anti-aging cream that achieves a range of positive effects, improving skin elasticity, triggering cell turnover and collagen production, and resulting in deep hydration of the skin and a vibrant, youthful radiance. ILLUMINATE is an all-in-one that can be used in conjunction with RINSE and QUENCH or as a stand-alone product.


To provide my patients with a gentle yet powerful exfoliator that can be used to enhance the effects of the TRIFECTA, I created POLISH. This product works when mixed with a small amount of water to disintegrate dead skin cells, smoothing the skin texture and helping to regulate hydration and oil production.

Dr. Amir Karam, double board-certified facial plastic surgeon and skincare expert

Dr. Amir Karam has over two decades of experience as a renowned facial cosmetic surgeon who helps his patients achieve a younger appearance. In addition to surgical procedures that sculpt a youthfully-defined facial shape, Dr. Karam takes the quality of the skin into account. He performs in-office skin treatments, such as chemical peels and laser treatments, but beyond that, he wanted to find a way to help his patients take control of their skin to achieve their aesthetic goals.

Dr. Karam’s groundbreaking, clinically-proven TRIFECTA is a revolutionary skincare line that is effective on all skin types and ages. It is packed with the vital ingredients necessary for real results. With POLISH, Dr. Karam’s TRIFECTA has everything you need to achieve beautiful skin on an everyday basis.


  • KaramMD Customer Support Team

    Hi Jeanmarie,

    The Illuiminate already contains growth factors so there is no need to supplement with an additional product. If you use the Trifecta, it is perfect as a stand alone trio!

  • KaramMD Customer Support Team

    Hi Lisa,

    The Vertical Restore is unique to Dr. Karam. He has patients come from all over the world to have this procedure performed by him. Please reach out to our team if you are interested in learning more.

  • KaramMD Customer Support Team

    Hi Sandra,

    It takes 28-days for skin cells to turn over, which means in order to see a difference in your skin from KaramMD products, you need to use them consistently for at least a month but lasting results only come after long-term, consistent use. Like anything else, skincare takes time and commitment!

    If you are experiencing dryness, you can add a simple moisturizer on top of the trifecta like cetaphil or cerave while the skin is acclimating/during dryer months.

  • Sandra

    No matter how much Of the cream I put on my face is SO Dry

  • Sandra

    My is lines aren’t any better

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