Skincare Products You Don't Need (And Some That You Do)

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The amount of skincare products that are out there can be overwhelming. Serums, oils, moisturizers, creams, masks…it’s never ending. Do you have a countertop full of products? Too many skincare products don’t just fill up your space, they can make keeping up with a consistent routine far more difficult.

You don’t actually need a lot of fancy skincare products to achieve beautiful, bright, glowing skin.

You can skip the expensive masks and fussy details if you have the right products you need, and you continue to use your skincare routine consistently, every. single. day.

Actually, it’s more important to have skincare products that are simple and easily usable than it is to have a ton of products available. At the same time, without the vital ingredients needed for beautiful, healthy skin, your skincare products are sorely lacking. 

So what are the skincare products do you really need? It comes down to a combination of simplicity and ingredients.

Vital Ingredients in Skincare Products to Achieve Beautiful, Glowing Skin

Look for skincare products that include the following anti-aging ingredients. Each one of these is an absolute necessity to achieving beautiful skin, as they each address a specific aspect of your skin, helping to reverse or prevent damage and signs of age.

To achieve and maintain a healthy glow, use products with these ingredients:


  • Reduces pigmentation
  • Stimulates the production of collagen
  • Increases cell turnover and regeneration

Hyaluronic Acid Serum and Lipids

  • Vital hydration components
  • Softens the skin
  • Improves skin texture
  • Achieves more supple skin
  • Hyaluronic acid absorbs and retains water to lock moisture into the skin
  • Lipids balance and even out dry or oily skin

Vitamin C

  • Helps to stimulate the production of collagen
  • Decreases pigmentation concerns
  • Achieves brighter, more luminous skin
  • Renews the skin for a youthful glow
  • Antioxidant activity protects and renews the skin


  • Stimulates collagen production
  • Slows the loss of elastin for more youthful, resilient skin
  • Stimulates growth factors and strengthens the skin matrix


  • Provides stronger skin surface immunity
  • Protects the skin environmental stressors
  • Reduces the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles
  • Helps increase and build keratin
  • Improves the firm, tight quality of the skin
  • Achieves healthier, stronger skin

Non-Hydroquinone Lighteners

  • Lightens and brightens the skin to achieve a glowing, radiant appearance
  • Reduces pigmentation concerns

Trifecta: Everything You Need is in Three Simple Products

This is where the skincare routine can become complicated. How can you find skincare products with the necessary ingredients without getting overly complicated? While you can always buy individual products that have the right ingredients, you’ll want to have a skincare routine that is simple and easy enough to do every day. Consistency is key!

The Trifecta is my own skincare line, consisting of three highly advanced, effective products. Realizing there simply wasn’t a good skincare line that existed that included everything the skin needs (without being far too complex for practicality), I spent years researching and formulating the Karam Trifecta. The easy-to-use, cutting-edge Trifecta line includes a cleansing product, a Vitamin C product, and an all-in-one. Together, they include every vital ingredient your skin requires to be beautiful, healthy, youthful and radiant. 

The KaramMD trio of products includes the following:

Rinse Daily Cleanser:

Cleanses, softens and smooths the skin. Rinse helps to prevent UV damage and boosts cell regeneration, leaving the skin hydrated.

Quench Vitamin C Serum:

Brightens and lightens the skin to achieve a luminous, radiant glow. Provides anti-inflammatory benefits, neutralizes free radicals, and prevents collagen breakdown. This vitamin C-based serum helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles, and tightens and tones the skin. 

Illuminate Anti-Aging Cream:

Refreshes the skin, keeping it firmer, healthier, intensely hydrated, and radiant. Illuminate boosts cell turnover and improves skin elasticity, minimizing fine lines and wrinkles. This all-in-one anti-aging cream is also effective as a standalone product. 

Find out more about skincare tips on “The Good Stuff And The Bad Stuff” in my video about the most vital anti-aging skincare ingredients and skincare secrets.

Amir Karam MD

Board Certified Facial Plastic Surgeon
Founder / Creator of KaramMD Skin

Dr. Amir Karam is a renowned facial cosmetic surgeon and an authority in his field. With over two decades of experience helping patients achieve a younger, refreshed appearance. In addition to surgical procedures that sculpt a youthfully-defined facial shape, Dr. Karam takes the quality of the skin into account.


Customer Support Team

Hi Patricia,

The Illuminate does have moisturizing ingredients like jojoba oil, squalene and macadamia oil. It is primarily and anti-aging product but you can always supplement your routine with an additional moisturizer if you need to.

Patricia Montoya

Is illuminate also used as moisturizer?

KaramMD Customer Support Team

Hi Bean,
Dr. Karam does not believe these have a primary role in anti aging skin care.


Do prescription NAD+ and prescription DMAE gels both used topically really help? I’ve got a friend who swears by these and gets them from an online MD. I trust you and have learned so much watching your videos. I haven’t found anything yet that you have said about these products.

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